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When you buy an expensive car, you want the best possible paint protection film (PPF) available. For most people, the best options on the market are Xpel and SunTek. Both are similar to each other but have subtle differences that make them better in different situations. That’s why PPF installers and former customers alike say that the quality of the installer is what matters most. However, it is important to understand what both brands offer. Here’s a look at the differences between Xpel vs. SunTek PPF. 

Xpel Uses More Adhesive

Everyone largely agrees that Xpel is “thicker” than SunTek. However, that’s because Xpel uses more adhesive than SunTek, making it appear thicker and less flexible. Both come in the same 8mm format. Xpel just uses a thicker layer of adhesive, and installers can tell the difference. 

That extra adhesive means that Xpel sticks better than SunTek and can provide more protection since the overall thickness of Xpel sheets is thicker. However, this does mean that it will be slightly harder for installers to install since they have a harder time unpeeling the PPF sheets from their backing. This is one of the reasons why many Xpel installers switch to SunTek in their shops. Still, Xpel may be the better option for that slightly extra layer of protection. 

Both Options Offer Relatively The Same Benefits

At this level of performance, it is the small details that matter most. The fact that SunTek is a bit easier to install, and that it provides a clearer finish in more situations means that many installers are choosing SunTek over Xpel. 

Both options offer the same benefits, though. From UV protection to longevity, you can’t go wrong with either brand of PPF. 

Xpel and SunTek also have self-healing properties as well, which can be a big deal in terms of value and price. The ability to close gaps and restore its finish makes PPF very valuable. It means that it is more durable and will continue to look good long into the future. 

The Installer is What Matters Most

Since both options are exceptional, it may be difficult to choose between the two. More importantly, what you should focus on instead is finding the best installer that you can. PPF installers have products that they prefer to work with, and your installer may use Xpel or SunTek exclusively. The difference in the two products likely won’t make much of a noticeable difference, but the quality of the installer’s ability to use those products will. 

Look for the installer that best fits your needs regardless of which product they prefer. You are likely to find someone who will install the product that you prefer. However, installers with this level of skill know the best way to give you top-quality results. 

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With SunTek and Xpel sitting at the top of the market, it is hard to find anything else that competes or to choose between them. Fortunately, good installers know how to make the choice easier and get good results either way. At Tint Pros, we work with industry-leading products on top-of-the-line cars so that you get the best results possible. Let us install PPF for you. Call us at (763) 312-6137 or (763) 280-7527, or you can use this contact form to schedule an appointment.

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