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If you’re located in St. Paul, Minnesota and you’re looking to have automotive window tint installed, look no further! At Tint Pros Platinum Auto Wraps, our team of professionals don’t cut corners, ensuring a sleek application. Our experts’ years of experience and use of top-notch products will guarantee your satisfaction.

St Paul Automotive Window Tinting

“What is automotive window tint,” you may ask? Well, it’s a thin layer of semi-transparent film placed on the inside of your vehicle’s windows. Window tint is typically made from plastic, but we also offer film with metallic and carbon interweaves. The purpose of window tint is to reduce overall light and outside temperatures from seeping into your vehicle.

Our window tint services not only offer an elevated appearance, but also offer a plethora of benefits for the driver and passengers. Whether it’s protection from harmful ultraviolet rays or for additional privacy, there are numerous reasons to get window tinting St Paul.


Increases Privacy

Automotive window tint increases privacy for you and your passengers by not allowing as much light into your vehicle. This helps deter theft as would-be thieves cannot see as clearly into your car to scan for valuables.

Blocks Harmful Ultraviolet Rays

Ultraviolet rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation, which can be extremely harmful to your skin with frequent and prolonged exposure. These harmful rays can cause skin damage ranging from premature aging to skin cancer (who wants that?). Lucky for you, window tint serves as a safety layer between you and the sun, blocking 99% of these harmful rays.

Protects Vehicle’s Interior

While harmful ultraviolet rays can cause damage to your skin, it can also cause damage to your vehicle’s interior. The sun can cause damage such as fading, cracking, and deteriorating. Window tint shields the inside of your car from the sun, preserving the interior of your vehicle.

Shattered Glass Prevention

Window tinting St Paul provides additional protection in the event of an accident, as the layer of film reduces the possibility of shattered glass and the potential of passengers being ejected through the windshield.


Our first step is to meticulously clean all of your vehicle’s windows and edges, preventing contamination and ensuring a smooth and sleek application.

Computer Cut Patterns

With our years of hand-cutting experience and world-class computer cutting software, we will create a perfect fitting pattern for your vehicle’s windows. We will carefully apply the film to your vehicle’s windows, guaranteeing a precise application.


After the application is complete, we will conduct a thorough quality control inspection to ensure perfection and customer satisfaction. Afterwards, the film will typically need 3-5 business days to fully dry and cure.


Automotive window tint will improve your overall driver and vehicle ownership experience.

If you’re ready for window tinting St Paul, we’d be happy to install your automotive window tint. If you’re interested in working with us give us a call to schedule an appointment. 763-312-6137.

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