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What is Paint Protection Film?

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Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Prevent exterior damage on your vehicle with Paint Protection Film (PPF) – a layer of thick, clear urethane film. So, “What is urethane?” you might ask. Urethane is a mixture of chemical compounds consisting of repeated structural units, formed by polymerization. This mixture creates a strong and flexible material, which is PPF.

Urethane is a mixture of chemical compounds consisting of repeated structural units, which is formed by polymerization. This mixture creates a strong and flexible material – known as paint protection film. Essentially, Paint Protection Film is a shield that protects your car from blemishes.

PPF, also known as a clear bra, is applied to the exterior of your vehicle to preserve the quality of the paint. The protective film prevents the car paint from minor abrasions such as stone chips, scratches, scuffs, dirt, and road debris. Therefore, maintaining your vehicle’s appearance and value.

In this article, we will dive further into the details of PPF, so you can decide if PPF is a good fit for you and your vehicle.

what is paint protection film

How PPF Works

We’ve all been there – we notice a new rock chip on the hood or a new scratch on the door. This is because, in most cases, factory paint can be damaged easily and display imperfections for the whole world to see. Over the years, the paint can be damaged from basic debris (which can be temporarily solved with touch ups and polishing – but it won’t be truly repaired). PPF prevents this damage and preserves the quality of your vehicle for the long-haul.

PPF is packaged in rolls of material, which consists of multiple layers – each with a different purpose. There is an exterior layer on the roll of material, which acts as a layer of protection for the actual film that will be applied to the vehicle (this exterior layer will be removed and discarded upon installation). Listed below are the 3 layers that will be applied onto the vehicle.

1 – Adhesive
The adhesive layer binds PPF to the clear coat. This allows it to be easily removed from your vehicle without causing damage to the paint.

2 – Urethane
The thickest portion (and arguably the most important) is the urethane layer. The urethane layer will flex and absorb any force of energy, ultimately protecting the paint from damage and preserving the quality of your vehicle.

3 – Top Coat
The urethane layer is prone to trapping microscopic particles, which is why the thin clear coat is important. The top coat will protect the urethane from any contaminants, airborne chemicals, and pollutants. This layer also provides ultraviolet (UV) ray protection – which will prevent oxidation, discoloration, and fading.

The Types of PPF

There are multiple different types of Paint Protection Films, providing different benefits and price ranges (but all with the same goal to protect your vehicle!). We use high quality products designed and produced by companies like Suntek, Lumar, GSFW, 3M, Stek, and Xpel. Listed below are 3 common types of PPF offered in the industry.

Instant Healing: Considered the new top-notch product, Instant Healing PPF debuted on the market in 2019. This film is infused with nanotechnology (the manipulation of atoms and molecules), which instantly heals the surface layer when scratched by debris.

Self Healing: Undeniably the most popular, Self Healing PPF is formulated with strong top coatings which protects your vehicle from harmful UV rays, which guarantees the prevention of discoloration.

Entry Level: Known as an old, but still effective formula – Entry Level PPF will protect your vehicle from debris that could cause chips and scratches. It is important to note that this type of film will eventually discolor into a yellowish hue from sunlight exposure, since it is not equipped with any newer technology (like the instant and self healing PPF’s).

At Tint Pros Platinum Auto Wraps, all of our films are clear – which means that it does not alter the color or design of your vehicle (unless, of course, you choose a colored option!). Listed below are the customization options we offer.

Color: It is important to clarify color PPF (also known as fashion film) is NOT the same as a vinyl wrap. In fact, it’s better! Offered in a multitude of colors, you’ll be sure to have a custom experience, while simultaneously protecting your vehicle.

Matte: The matte finish (which is applied on top of factory paint) subtly provides a sophisticated appearance to any vehicle.

Gloss: Also applied on top of your vehicle’s current color, the gloss finish will enhance your vehicle by providing a classic and sleek look.

the benefits of ppf

The Benefits of PPF

While the main purpose of Paint Protection Film is to protect your vehicle’s original paint, there is a domino-effect of benefits that follow. Paint Protection Film will not only maintain your car’s appearance, but also its value. Listed below are the benefits of Paint Protection Film.

Self-Healing Technology: PPF is resistant to impact and corrosions, making it difficult to damage. Even if it is impacted, many types of PPF are designed with self-healing technology – meaning that any surface-level damages will heal themselves over time. With PPF, the most vulnerable painted areas of your car (like your bumper) will be protected.

UV Ray Protection: The layers of material in PPF acts as a barrier between your vehicle and the sunlight. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause your vehicle to fade and discolor – but with PPF, the exterior of your vehicle will be preserved.

Hydrophobic Properties: PPF not only shields your vehicle from harmful natural elements such as acid rain, mineral deposits, and bugs but also offers remarkable stain resistance. Water, mud, and other contaminants simply slide off, minimizing the risk of swirl marks and ensuring your vehicle looks its best.

TintPros Installation Process

Each shop will have its own unique process when it comes to installing Paint Protection Film. With that being said, we follow a process that we have developed and perfected over the course of our company’s 20-year history. While the installation method is simple, the task itself requires a significant amount of patience and attention to detail.

Preparation: We begin by preparing the vehicle with a hand wash, mechanical and paint decontamination.

Detailing: We then meticulously clean the exterior of the vehicle, ensuring that nothing will prevent a clean, smooth, and long-lasting application.

Protection: Once the vehicle is prepped and thoroughly cleaned, we carefully and precisely apply the PPF to the desired areas.

We want you to have the same confidence in our products and services that we have, which is why all of our Paint Protection Films have a 10 year warranty.

Conclusion - What is Paint Protection Film?

In conclusion, PPF will protect the exterior of your vehicle from potential damage, preserving your vehicle’s appearance and maintaining its value. Whether you want to customize your vehicle with a new color or finish, or keep it the same, PPF will protect your vehicle with its anti-contamination and self healing technologies.

If you’re in Minnesota, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the installation of paint protection on your vehicle. If you’re interested in working with us, contact us at 763-312-6137.

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