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Types of Commercial Window Tint

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Commercial Window Film Types

So, you’ve decided to move forward with commercial window tint installation, but now you’re faced with the decision of which type will be the best fit for you. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s begin with a definition. Commercial window tint is a thin layer of laminate film applied to flat glass surfaces, acting as a barrier between the sunlight and the interior of your property. Commercial window tint can be beneficial for all different kinds of properties – from retail stores, restaurants, apartment buildings, and more.

Keep reading to learn more about the different types of commercial window tint we offer at Tint Pros and how it will benefit your property.

tintpros three types of commercial window tint

TintPros Three Types of Commercial Window Tint

Window tint comes in various different styles, each which has its own unique benefits. Not to worry though – as all window tints will provide the same overarching purposes (like decreasing sunlight transmittance, increasing privacy, lowering energy bills, and providing temperature control to the interior).

At Tint Pros, we offer three types of commercial window tint. Listed below is our well rounded selection, ensuring there is a type that will fit your needs.

Black Out Film: Do you want complete and maximum privacy for your property? If so, black out window film is the solution for you. When applied to glass, black out film appears as a completely opaque layer. This type of film will provide a safe and secure property, ensuring no onlookers will be able to peek in.

Since this type of film is completely opaque, it’s important to note that not much sunlight (if any) will be seeping through.

Smoke Window Films: Smoke window film is a standard shaded tint and is commonly used on vehicles, homes, and buildings. If you’re wanting a film that provides privacy while still receiving a good amount of natural sunlight, look no further – smoke window film provides the best of both worlds.

Metallized Window Films: If you’re looking for high heat reduction and significantly lower energy bills (who isn’t?), you’re in luck. Metallized window film is a high performance tint manufactured with aluminum (which reflects light instead of absorbing it), which allows your air conditioning units to work less and saves you money during those hot summer months.

Conclusion - Types of Commercial Window Tint

From increased privacy and lower energy bills, window tint provides an array of benefits to commercial properties. Whichever type of commercial window tint you choose, it will surely increase your property’s value.

If you’re in Minnesota, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about commercial and residential window tint. With over 20 years of experience, our team at Tint Pros Platinum Auto Wraps will guide you through the process and ensure all your goals are met. If you are interested in receiving a quote, contact us at 763-312-6137.

At Tint Pros, we want you to share the same confidence in our products and services that we have – which is we offer warranties on our window tint services. We have a lifetime warranty on residential properties and a 15 year warranty on commercial properties.

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