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power of nanotechnology ceramic coatings provide a durable layer of protection for vehicles

What is Paint Correction?

If you want your car to look its best but you’ve had it for a while and haven’t added a form of paint protection, then you should consider paint correction. Contrary to what you may think based on the name, paint correction does not mean having the paint redone on your car. Instead, a technician removes minor scratches and blemishes from the clear coat of the vehicle’s paint. Paint correction can do a lot more for your car than just enhance your vehicle’s aesthetic.How Does Paint Correction Work?

Paint correction works by helping to remove swirl marks, scratches, and other minor blemishes on the outer layer of your car’s paint job. When cars are painted, the process adds several layers. The first layer is a primer that makes the paint stick to metals and plastics. The second layer is the paint itself, followed by a third layer of clear coat to protect the paint. 

Over time, the clearcoat suffers from microabrasion, small scratches that cut into the clear coat. This makes your paint job look dull and worn, which is why your car doesn’t look its best after a few years without paint protection. 

Paint correction starts by helping to remove imperfections from this clearcoat layer. A technician uses specialized tools to smooth that outer layer so that it shines again and regains its translucent state. This alone can make it look much better. In some cases, a technician can even use certain compounds to repair the scratches in the clearcoat and build it back up. 

Restores the Value of Your Car

The way your car looks plays a big part in determining its value. Paint correction restores a significant portion of your car’s value by making it look new again. It’s a quick process to regain some of the value that your car loses over time. In fact, it is one of the least invasive or difficult ways to add value to your car. Also, you’ll likely feel much better knowing that your car looks as good as possible. 

Prepares Your Car for Paint Protection

Paint protection is an important part of maintaining the value of your vehicle and your investment. Before you can apply a paint protection system like PPF (paint protection film) or a ceramic coating, your car most likely needs paint correction. Paint correction prepares the surface of the paint job for paint protection systems. A clean, well-prepared surface means that the paint protection film or ceramic coating will not only adhere better but also leave your vehicle looking its best. PPF and ceramic coatings are designed to protect your vehicle and enhance its aesthetic. If your car already has a dull and worn-out look, paint protection will not make it look any better. In fact, you’re paying more to keep your car looking the way that it already does. 

Makes Your Paint Job Last Longer

Investing in paint correction for your vehicle not only enhances its appearance but also provides superior protection, even without the addition of an aftermarket paint protection system. This process safeguards your car’s paint from common driving hazards and UV exposure, which can cause fading. As a result, the original paintwork is preserved for a more extended period, maintaining its quality and appearance without requiring extensive repairs

Helps Retain & Increase Resale Value

Boosting the value of your car is easily achieved by protecting it from the everyday wear and tear associated with driving. While it might not be immediately obvious, your vehicle’s paintwork endures significant damage over time. To preserve your car’s worth, it’s crucial to maintain its paint. In the Minneapolis or Medina area? At Tint Pro’s we offer top-tier paint correction and an array of options for aftermarket paint protection systems such as ceramic coatings or Paint Protection Film (PPF). Call and schedule an appointment today! 

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