The Benefits of Automotive Window Tinting

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Tint Pros Mobile offers a variety of services, a popular one being automotive window tinting. In short, an automotive window tint is a thin layer of laminate film applied to your vehicle’s glass windows. The film is typically made from plastic, but there is also an option of choosing a tint with metallic, ceramic or carbon interweaves. 

For our trained professionals, the process of applying window tint on a vehicle is not complex or invasive. It is easy to apply, remove, and replace. The process typically takes 3 to 5 business days to fully dry and cure. With that being said, we do not cut corners and guarantee the highest quality automotive window tinting service that Minneapolis has to offer.

There is a common misconception that the only benefit of an automotive window tint is the aesthetic appearance it provides, but there are a multitude of long-lasting benefits a window tint can offer you and your vehicle. Listed below are a few of the reasons to schedule your automotive window tint service.

UV Protection

A layer of film on your vehicle’s windows has the ability to protect you against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays), which is a form of electromagnetic radiation. Frequent exposure to UV rays can cause skin damage like burns and spotting, premature aging, and skin cancer. 

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), over 50% of ultraviolet linked skin cancers occur on the left side of the body in the United States. The suggested reasoning for this being is that the left side of the body is the driver’s side, which is exposed to the sun more often. 

Window film also protects your eyes from the direct sunlight and bright headlights, which decreases eye fatigue. The car window tint acts as a safety layer between you and the sun, blocking 99% of these harmful UV rays, which in turn protects you from these risks. If you drive your car for long periods of time, a window tint will be beneficial for your physical health. 

Preserving the Interior

While UV rays can damage your skin, they can also damage the interior of your car. If the interior of your car consists of upholstery, leather, or vinyl, the effects of sun damage can be very noticeable. Examples of interior damage include fading, discoloring, warping, and cracking. The damage can occur on your seats, dashboard, center console, and so forth. 

Why does the sun affect your interior? The excessive heat and direct sunlight dry out any natural oils that preserve the integrity of your interior. When there are no natural oils, that is when the materials will dry out, stiffen, and crack.

An additional damage that can occur from UV exposure is if there is any liquid or food spills in your interior that have not been cleaned. When there is prolonged sun exposure to these spills, it will result in a permanent discoloration stain. 

Your car is a big investment, so it is important to preserve the interior. Even with using seat protectants and keeping a clean interior, that doesn’t guarantee preservation. A car window tint is the best way to extend the lifespan and protect the value of your vehicle.

window tint preserving the interior

Shattered Glass Prevention and Accident Safety

Car accidents happen everyday, especially with the icy roads caused by the cold Minnesota weather, which is why it is important to take precautionary steps to protect yourself and your vehicle. In the event of an accident, a window tint will prevent the potential of shattering glass. 

The film is designed as a safety guard when being hit by any sort of object, stopping the possibility of flying pieces of glass and passengers being ejected through the windshield. Another added benefit is it will be more difficult for someone to break your windows and steal your valuables. 

A window tint will also improve your visibility, limiting the chance of getting into an accident due to bright glares during the day time or at night. Harsh glares coming from street lights or headlights on the road can be distracting, and can even momentarily blind or disorient a driver. Having a window tint installed will soften any of these harsh lights, which overall improves driving capabilities and reduces the risk of an accident.

Increased Privacy and Security

One of the most popular and more commonly known benefits of a window tint is the added privacy for you and your passengers. Window tints come in a variety of shades, light to dark, depending on what fits your needs. No matter what the shade, it will not affect your visibility when looking from the inside out. 

Depending on where you live and what kind of vehicle you drive, there are certain window tinting laws to abide by. Be sure to not only pick the best level of window tint for your needs, but also a level that is legal. At Tint Pros Platinum Auto Wraps, we can guide you through this process. For more information, you can also visit the International Film Association’s site.

A window tint is a layer of security whether you’re driving or parked, ensuring nobody will be peeking in and attempting to steal your valuables. With a window tint you can rest assured knowing you, your passengers, and your valuables are safe inside your car.

Temperature and Visibility Control

Window tints offer a significantly more pleasant experience, as it blocks between 40% to 75% of the solar heat that enters your car. Even with hot outside temperatures, your car will be remarkably cooler. You won’t have to worry about putting up any sunshade window treatments, because a window tint will already provide that heat protection

You will be able to enter your car in comfort, not having to deal with sitting on a hot seat, and touching a hot seatbelt or steering wheel. If you forget your sunglasses, not to worry, as the window tint will improve your visibility by blocking the glaring sun. 

It’s not always possible to park in the shade or in a garage, so installing a window tint will guarantee you won’t have to enter a hot and sticky car on a summer day. As a result, your air conditioning use will reduce, leading into the next benefit – improved gas mileage.

Improved Gas Mileage

Since your vehicle will be noticeably cooler from the window film, the general use of your air conditioning will be reduced. Even a slight difference in temperature does make a difference, as your air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard to cool the cabin down. 

An automotive window tint will give your car a head start at keeping the cabin cool, so your air conditioning won’t need to run at max settings for a longer period of time. An air conditioning system is directly powered by a belt attached to your motor, so the more air conditioning you use, the more gas you use. 

Even with new automobiles and energy efficient air conditioning systems, a window tint will help you cut down on fuel consumption, so you will receive more mileage from your tank. When you don’t have to blast your air conditioning as often, it experiences less of a strain, allowing it to last longer without repairs. At the end of the day, you will stay cool and be able to save more money. 

Elevated Appearance

An automotive window tint will enhance the exterior of any vehicle. A window tint is an easy and subtle way to elevate the appearance of your car. Don’t be deterred from a window tint based on the car you drive, as it is a stylistic statement for any car. Whether you’re going for a formal or sporty look, a window tint can offer a more sophisticated and luxurious appearance. A small change in appearance can go a long way. 

There is no one-size-fits-all option for window tinting. There are many different options of levels of tinting and film materials to choose from. A window tint is a custom experience, allowing you to select the best fitting tint for your vehicle and the look you’re going for. No matter what you choose, a window tint presents a more sleek look for any vehicle.

Conclusion - The Benefits of Automotive Window Tinting

We rely on our cars in our everyday lives for transportation, so it can be intimidating modifying something as significant as your car’s windows, but the process is simple and the results are incredibly beneficial. Window tints provide UV protection, interior preservation, accident safety, privacy, money savings, and more. With our knowledgeable professionals, you will be guided throughout the process and assured you made the right decision,

Our shop has over 20 years of experience installing automotive window tinting, guaranteeing you can trust our highly experienced professionals and know you will be getting top-notch tinting products. If you’re ready to elevate your car with an automotive window tint, our team at Tint Pros Platinum Auto Wraps would be happy to help you meet your goals, and answer all your window tint questions.

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