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Protect yourself and your interior with the best Minneapolis car window tinting. This package is best for two door coupes like the BMW M2, the Subaru BRZ, or the Toyota Supra. Tint Pros Mobile are the best car window tinting experts in the Minneapolis area. Our team of experts does not cut corners when it comes to window tinting. We have the years of experience and the best quality products to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their tint job. Our window tinting doesn’t just look good, but it is protective as well. Window tint is a thin, semi-transparent film that we place over your windows to darken the appearance of your vehicle. Window tint film is usually made from plastic, but you can chose a tint with metallic or carbon interweaves. Window tint is beneficial because it blocks the majority of the harmful UV rays that may cause skin cancer.  Much of your interior damage comes from UV rays as well so a tint protects your vehicle’s interior from fading, cracking and deteriorating. Window tinting is also great for safety because it reduces dangerous glare from the sun, snow, and from the headlights of other drivers on the road. Contact our team for the best Minneapolis car window tinting today!


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