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If you drive a slightly older vehicle, you might be in need of the best headlight restoration Minneapolis has to offer. The clarity of your headlights is usually not something you consider when it comes to auto detailing, but it is super important. At Tint Pros Mobile, we are the go-to experts in headlight restoration. Cloudy headlights are a major safety issue and can be incredibly dangerous if not fixed properly. Not only does headlight restoration improve the appearance of your vehicle, but it also helps you see properly at night, in the rain, and other potentially hazardous conditions. At Tint Pros Mobile, we specialize in restoring the optical clarity to headlights that have been damaged by the sun and other elements our here in Minneapolis. They don’t need to be replaced, especially with our expertise.

At Tint Pros we can dramatically restore your headlights to like-new condition, lengthen your headlight’s life expectancy, improve the overall look of your vehicle, and save you so much money in replacement costs. There truly is so much value in headlight restoration. To start off with the best headlight restoration Minneapolis has to offer, we prepare your vehicle by thoroughly cleaning the headlights and surrounding areas. Then we sand to remove the oxidized parts of your headlights, and then we wet-sand the entire surface until all the yellowing has been removed. We spend as much time as needed on that step in order to ensure that we are reaching as much clarity as we possibly can. After we have improved the clarity, we polish them off and you are ready for the road! Let Tint Pros help you achieve ultimate clarity with your headlights. Again, not only does this improve your safety but it can also preserve the value of your car because cloudy headlights can age the look of your vehicle. Contact us today for more information!


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