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Is Tesla Paint Durable?

You’re looking at getting a new Tesla being it’s one of the best everyday luxury vehicles on the market. The immaculate sound system, quiet ride, and even the fact that you are helping the environment make it an enticing choice that also turns heads when you pass by. There is one thing that you should consider before purchasing a Tesla, and that’s the paint. The paint Tesla uses is relatively soft and takes damage much easier than other brands. Fortunately, there are things that you can add that can help prevent paint imperfections and keep your Tesla’s paint protected.

What’s The Best Form Of Tesla Paint Protection?

Tesla’s paint is considerably weaker than the paint used by other car brands. This comes from the fact that the paint is softer. It dents and scratches easily. Without some type of additional paint protection, your Tesla is likely to suffer from noticeable paint imperfections. However, paint issues don’t have to be the reason you don’t get your new Tesla. You just need a way of improving the overall protection of your Tesla’s paint. The two best Tesla paint protection options on the market are ceramic coatings and paint protection film (PPF).  A Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to your car or Tesla. It is exceptional at repelling water and other liquids and helps keep your Tesla cleaner longer. It also provides a small amount of impact resistance for small rocks and debris that can scratch the paint off of your car. 

PPF  on the other hand is like a protective vinyl wrap for your car and is available in clear, matte, and color PPF options. It is applied like a vinyl wrap and greatly improves the protection of your car. Not only does it deflect small debris, but it also prevents scratches and small dings with its self-healing capabilities. PPF also protects against UV light, which makes car paint fade over time. Hydrophobic properties repel liquids off your Tesla’s surface, helping to prevent staining and etching. 

What If My Tesla Is Already Scratched?

If you have already bought a Tesla and the paint is scratched or starting to look a little dull, you can revive paint with paint correction before having PPF or a ceramic coating applied. Most paint jobs start to look dull because the outer layer of the clearcoat that is put there to protect it is scratched. Dirt and dust make micro-scratches in the clearcoat, which makes imperfections more visible. With Tesla paint correction an experienced car paint protection expert like our team at Tint Pro’s can help get your Tesla back to looking its best.

Combining Tesla PPF With A Ceramic Coating

Combining Tesla Paint Protection Film (PPF) with a ceramic coating creates an unparalleled shield for your vehicle’s paint. The PPF provides a robust barrier against physical damage like scratches and dings, while the ceramic coating adds an extra layer of protection against environmental elements and enhances the paint’s gloss. This dual-layer approach ensures that your Tesla, or any vehicle, remains imacculate and well-protected from everyday wear and tear. Ultimately, this combination not only preserves the aesthetic appeal of your car but also contributes to maintaining its value over time.

If you are looking to protect your Tesla’s soft paint and keep your vehicle looking its best for years to come, contact our team of Minneapolis & Media Tesla paint protection experts at  Tint Pro’s. We offer an array of car paint protection and customization services to meet your individual needs. 


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