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Commercial Window Tint

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Commercial Window Tint Installation

Whether you’re looking for increased privacy or to save money on monthly energy bills (who wouldn’t want that!?)commercial window tint offers a plethora of benefits that will surely benefit you and your property.

So, “What is window tint?” you may wonder. In short, window tint is a thin layer of laminate film that is applied to glass surfaces, which ultimately decreases sunlight transmittance. There are numerous types of commercial properties that benefit from window tint – like apartment complexes, retail stores, restaurants, schools, office buildings, and the list goes on.

In this article, we will discuss all the details about commercial window tint and why it’s beneficial. Keep reading to learn why tint is the right choice for your property.

commercial window tint offers a plethora of benefits

Benefits of Commercial Window Tint

Window tint provides a long list of benefits for commercial properties – so whatever you’re looking for and whatever type of property you have, window tint will more than likely check off the box of all your wants and needs. Listed below are just a few of the benefits.

Increased Privacy and Safety
If you’re looking to steer away onlookers from peeking inside your property, window tint will provide that additional privacy, which will overall increase safety. From blackout film to a lightly shaded film, you’ll have the power to choose how much privacy you’d like.

In the event of a broken glass (like a break-in or extreme weather), window tint will be able to hold the shattered glass together – which eliminates the risk of stepping on shards of glass and allowing for an easier clean up.

Lower Energy Costs
Window tint is designed to reject outside temperatures from seeping in, which in turn provides low energy costs. During the summer, window tint reflects or absorbs the sun’s heat – while in the winter, window tint provides increased insulation.

Whether it’s the middle of winter or peak heat in summer, window tint will reduce the workload of air conditioning and heating systems. As a result, your property’s energy costs will decrease each season. Window tint is cost effective and energy efficient.

Improved Comfort
Window tint increases comfort through eliminating the amount of sunlight shining inside. This will reject the outside heat and maintain a comfortable interior temperature throughout every season.

Additionally, tint will eliminate glares from the sunlight from reflecting onto your computer or television screens. This will allow you to keep the blinds open and let the sunlight in, without having to compromise your vision.

Interior Preservation
Excessive sunlight can cause interior furniture (like rugs and paintings) to fade overtime – but with a barrier like window tint, your property’s interior will be protected from the sunlight’s harmful rays. Your furniture is an investment, so it’s important to protect it!

Skin and Eyesight Protection
Constant exposure to ultraviolet rays can be extremely harmful to your skin and eyes. It can cause skin damage like burns and spotting, premature aging, and skin cancer. As for your eyes, it can cause regular eye strains, which lead to fatigue and difficulty concentrating. Window tint serves as a safety layer between you and the sun, protecting your skin and eyes.

Higher Property Value
Commercial window tint is a highly sought-after feature, so if you’re ever in the market to sell your property – window tint will give you a competitive edge. Not only does it come with a handful of benefits, but it also provides an aesthetic appearance on the exterior of the property.

multiple different types of commercial window tint

Types of Commercial Window Tint

There are multiple different types of commercial window tint, each which has slightly different purposes (but all with the same goal to decrease sunlight transmittance and increase privacy). Either way, the options allow you to select the tint best fitted for your needs. Listed below are the three types of commercial window tint we offer at Tint Pros.

Black Out Film: If you’re looking for maximum privacy, look no further. Black out window film will turn glass that is completely transparent into glass that is completely opaque. This type of tint will ensure no one can see through your windows. It’s important to note that not much light, if any, will be seeping through black out film.

Smoke Window Films: Smoke window film is a standard shaded tint and is commonly used on vehicles, homes, and buildings. This type of tint will provide privacy, while also allowing a good amount of sunlight to shine through.

Metallized Window Films: Metallized window film is a high performance type of tint that is manufactured with aluminum, allowing for an extended life. This type of tint reflects light (instead of absorbing it), which in turn offers high heat reduction.

How to Tint Commercial Windows

Window tint can be a relatively simple installation process, as it only consists of a few steps – but the task itself requires a significant amount of patience and attention to detail. Keep reading to learn how to tint commercial windows.

Step 1: The first step (and one of the most important!) is to begin by meticulously cleaning the windows and edges, ensuring that nothing will prevent a clean and smooth application (like any fingerprints, smudges, or dust).

Step 2: Now it is time to cut the film – precise measurements are crucial to ensure an easy application. Before installation, measure the windows and make sure to leave about an inch on all sides of the film – this will make for an easy application process.

Step 3: Now that the windows are clean and the film is measured, it’s time to apply the tint onto the glass. Remember – tint film is an adhesive that will directly stick to glass upon application. While the process is fairly simple, it requires a keen eye and a steady hand for it to properly align to each corner and edge. The extra inch on the film will provide a little wiggle room for imperfections (but not much).

Step 4: After the film is installed, perform a quality control inspection – which consists of trimming the edges, as well as checking to ensure there are no bubbles or any other imperfections in the film.

Why Hiring a Professional is Beneficial
Save yourself the time and frustration by seeking the help of a certified window tint installer. A professional will have the necessary tools and experience to ensure a smooth and sleek application.

Each professional will have their own unique process when it comes to tinting windows. With that being said, at Tint Pros, we follow a process that we have developed and perfected over the course of our company’s 20-year history. With our years of hand-cutting experience, as well world-class computer cutting software to guarantee a successful installation.

Conclusion - Commercial Window Tint

Installing window tint to your property is extremely valuable. Not only will it provide an aesthetic appearance, but it will also increase your safety and comfortability. From increased privacy and lower energy bills, window tint provides an array of benefits to commercial properties. Whichever type of commercial window tint you choose, it will surely increase your property’s value.

If you’re in Minnesota, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about commercial and residential window tint. If you’re interested in working with us, contact us at 763-312-6137.

Commercial Window Tint FAQ’s

While pricing can vary to have a professional window tint installed (depending on the type of commercial property, the type of tint, project scope, difficulty level, and so forth), commercial window tint can generally be estimated by square footage. Typically, window tint costs about $8-12 per square foot.

With that being said, there’s no definite answer and it varies on a case-by-case basis. The best way to receive an accurate estimate is to contact us for a quote.

Unfortunately, no. But – it does improve your safety in the event of broken glass. Thanks to the adhesive material, window tint can hold broken pieces of glass together (instead of shattering everywhere).

Nope! Installing window tint will have minimal (if any) disruptions on business operations. Installers may have to move anything blocking their path of application, but that should be it. Additionally, the installation process doesn’t take very long (varying on the project scope) – so even if it is disruptive, it will be over before you know it!

The longevity of window tint is dependent on multiple factors – like quality of the film and the quality of the installation. Keeping that in mind, commercial window tint can generally last anywhere from 10 to 20 years.

At Tint Pros, we want you to share the same confidence in our products and services that we have – which is we offer warranties on our window tint services. We have a lifetime warranty on residential properties and a 15 year warranty on commercial properties

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