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Flat Glass window tinting comes in a wide selection of quality films. Each film is designed to fit your needs and taste. They all offer superior heat rejection and minimize interior fading of furniture, rugs, paintings, etc.

Commercial and Residential
window tinting

Reduce brightness and glare with light reflecting window films. Constant exposure to sun light can damage your skin and your eyesight.

The suns rays are especially bad for kid’s eyes, but baby shades and window screens don’t block all of the light.

They tend to leave gaps or holes allowing bright light to penetrate and they restrict your visibility. Window tinting is the best solution for blocking bright sunlight.

New quality window films available today are long lasting. Metalized films with lifetime warranties and high performance films have put an end to that ugly bubbled-purple tint.

You can get your windows tinted and feel at ease knowing you tint it is warranted against fading and deterioration.

Black Out Film

Turns a transparent window into an opaque glass wall. Black out tinting can be removed with no permanent damage to glass.

Smoke Window Films

The standard shaded window films seen on cars, homes, and buildings. Includes the most commonly seen tinting, “Limo Tint”.

Metalized Window Films

High performance window tinting manufactured with aluminum for longer life and higher heat / light rejection.

If you’re ready for commercial or residential window tint, we’d be happy to install your window tint.

If you’re interested in working with us give us a call to schedule an appointment. 763-312-6137.

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