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Our First Car at Our Second Location + The Benefits of Paint Protection Film!

It was our first week at our second shop in Medina, MN! A Lamborghini Huracan stopped by and we had the opportunity to install SunTek Reaction Paint Protection Film!


We believe that Suntek Paint protection film is the best option for PPF because of the quality and longevity of the film. The best part about the Reaction film is that it's able to withstand flying gravel, salt from our Minnesota winters, and so much more. It has self-healing properties that will always give it the new car look! 

Other notable benefits of the Reaction film is that it has Tetrashield technology which means there will be little to no maintenance for your car! Cleaning your car will be no stress at all because of the technology. It provides a slick surface which will make water bead faster and it’ll take all the dirt with it, along with bird droppings, tree sap, insects and dirt. So you’ll never have to be worried while driving on long trips or  through the wilderness. Tetrashield also offers enhanced weathering and UV stability which results in being more durable, 25% more stain resistant and more flexible than any competitor. 


When the owner of the Lambo came to us, he knew it was the best option to protect his investment. Now he can drive his lambo and be stressed free, especially knowing that there's a 12 year warranty on the PPF! 

It was a great week here in Medina! We loved seeing everyone's faces when they first walked in! I think we all had the same reaction.